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  1. And another bug There is a bug in the handling of scrolling positioning when switching between labels which have differing numbers of items. To reproduce: 1. Create 2 labels A and B 2. Under label A add sufficient items to require scrolling down to reach the end of the list (30 or so should do it in landscape mode on an iPad when using compact UI) 3. Under label B add a single of item 4. Under label A scroll to the end of the list 5. Switch to label B Expected result: The single item under label B should be visible Actual result: The scroll positioning from label A is retained but as there aren't enough items to enable scrolling the user cannot scroll to the top to make the single item visible. Workaround: Switching back to label A and scrolling back to the top of the list, then switching to label B will reveal items under that label.
  2. Using Mobile Safari (iOS 9.3.2 beta 2 but present in on mobile Safari since the dawn of time) Since BitTorrent Remote is the only way to access BitTorrent on iOS having this work is pretty vital to the usability of the ecosystem on that platform. Sadly it suffers from a couple of problems. Bug 1: BitTorrent Remote doesn't work with iCloud Keychain As the user often gets logged out, re-entering his credentials is often required. iCloud Keychain should remember the username and password for remote.bittorrent.com but something prevents this from happening. Instead if present the user will be offered the credentials for these forums, or has to go through the process of pressing "Other passwords", entering unlock code (or identifying with TouchID), then searching the list of saved passwords and picking the saved credentials for remote.bittorrent.com. This bug has also been filed with Apple. Please work with them to ensure that login credentials are correctly saved and used. Bug 2: Scrolling through long lists is broken I've noticed that if you have a lot of torrents loaded BitTorrent Remote will refuse to scroll through the list, instead locking itself to the top. (around 50 items seems to be the tipping point for triggering this, but 200 items really makes Remote BitTorrent unusable with high reliability) Workarounds: Using the compact UI option allows more torrents to be listed which makes the problem less noticeable. Also reloading the page and being quick about scrolling to the bottom of the list (since often one is interested in seeing progress on torrents placed there) can occasionally be workaround. Bug 3: Search is present but doesn't work as expected There's search box but instead of searching the list of torrents it issues search requests outside of the web app. This feels somewhat like unexpected behavior.