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  1. What does that mean? Is there any way I can download it now?
  2. Ok. [Local Peer Discovery] working peers: 2 [Peer Exchange] working peers: 2 udp:// working peers: 1 Download: N/A udp:// working peers: 1 Download: N/A [DHT] working udp:// Connecting If I didn't say what was under something, it was a 0 (zero). Also, maybe the problem is people aren't seeding it? Here is the torrent I am trying to download: Thanks again. Also, it under the "Inactive" torrents but the status says "Downloading" Very confused.
  3. Hello, I am trying to download a torrent and have successfully clicked on it and it has popped up in BitTorrent as a new torrent. It asks me for a label and I have the option to check 'add to top of queue', ' start torrent' and 'skip harsh check'. These probably don't have that big of a deal to do with it but I checked 'add to top of queue' and 'start torrent'. Once I hit okay, it goes and says its downloading, but it doesn't move from 0%. It says time remaining infinity so I don't think it will ever start. As you can probably tell, i am very new to BitTorrent and I need to download this! I have done some research, about seeds and things, but I have no idea what to do. Hopefully you can help! Also if it means anything, I'm on a mac! Thanks in advance!