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  1. Advertisements can be disabled: CTRL-P; Search for "offers" in the advanced filter and turn the relevant booleans to *false. Also search for "upsell" and disable that.
  2. I preferred the green square logo.

  3. Hi; On the 'Add New Torrent' window (the one that appears when you open a .torrent file), untick the "Create Subfolder", which can be found underneath the Save Location entry box. However, if the torrent file itself comes in a folder then I do not believe that there is a Bittorrent-related work around for your issue.
  4. micycle

    7.9 Stable

    Why are .MKVs no longer streamable?
  5. micycle

    7.9 Stable

    In the 'Up Speed' column, overhead data (send to seeders) is now counted, but this data is not counted in the 'Uploaded' column (rightly so). I've noticed that overhead data is also now included in the 'Peers' [detailed info plane] which is useful. I think that overhead data (to seeders) should be excluded from the 'Up Speed' column however.
  6. Create a torrent file on your FTP server (that includes the 'file'), seed this torrent, and send the torrent file to yourself. Add this torrent file into Bittorrent.
  7. micycle


    Seeding is the process of upload data to others, to help them complete the torrent download. The 'whole bit torrent thing' works this way; people upload/download data to/from each other. If your 7G includes upload bandwidth, then seeding will 'eat into' your usage limits. You can set a transfer limit (ie. 6.GB) by opening 'Preferences' (CTRL-P), navigating to 'Transfer Cap' and enabling (+configuring) the transfer cap to suit your needs. Alternatively, you can prevent seeding by stopping the torrent.
  8. micycle

    7.9 Stable

    Pause button has gone and the new start button graphic is misleading. Setting an upload limit finally works though (previously, upload speed would go to 0KB/s regardless of limit set).
  9. Right click on torrent and click 'Copy Magnet URI'. Send the person the code and tell them to add the torrent from URL (Ctrl+U).
  10. I fixed it by disabling 'Override automatic speed popup list' (UI Extras) where I previously added custom speed limits.
  11. Whenever I set a maximum upload rate on either the preferences or torrent bandwidth allocation (regardless of value set), the upload rate will got to 1kB/s or stop completely.