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  1. This forum does appear to be moribund, doesn't it?
  2. Just a note for anyone who saw my novel Green Comet. I've completed the sequel now and it's available on BitTorrent Bundles. It's called Parasite Puppeteers and carries the same Creative Commons license: Attribution and Share-Alike (CC-BY-SA) More information at the Green Comet website. rjb
  3. On your stats page there's a button on the email unlocks graph that will allow you to download the list.
  4. What Happened To The Stats?

    As of today, the stats are back. Thank you whoever did that.-)
  5. What Happened To The Stats?

    Not only are my accumulated stats gone, but they're staying at zero in spite of downloads.
  6. They seem to have zeroed themselves between yesterday and today.
  7. Windows Or Mac Only?

    Okay, now it says that if you're not using Windows or Mac you should just download the torrent file. That's a step in the right direction but the extra step isn't necessary. I can just click on it and run it directly in the appropriate torrent application. This isn't really a problem for Linux users. They know it's wrong and they can just go ahead and do it. It's only a reinforcement of a false impression in the minds of Windows and Mac users, which isn't that important. I only mention it so you can avoid having the website look ill-informed. rjb
  8. Selecting download brings up a message that says I need Windows or Mac. I don't know why it says that since I can easily download and run the torrent file. I use a Debian-based OS. rjb
  9. In the new layout I find the faded text too hard to read comfortably. rjb
  10. The tags are working now. rjb
  11. Yesterday I noticed the layout of the Bundle site was changed. I hope visitors find it more usable. After finding the new location of the tags, I found that they don't respond in any way. rjb
  12. Thanks Porfitron. I'm putting the embed in a sidebar so, yes, there's not enough room. I did try a bunch of different sizes in my testing, but I can't expand the width too far. I am continuing to use the badge and it works perfectly. I'm pleased to be part of this testing phase. As mentioned in a separate thread, I'd like to see a Google+ link on my BT page. Jim
  13. I thought I'd give the embed another try, but I can't use it because of two problems. The first is that the text overlaps, making for a bad impression, as in the first attached image. The other problem is after the download button is pushed. The image is then obscured by an incomplete image that can't be made to go away. Also, I would prefer if the name of the work was dominant, rather than the name of the author. Jim PS, I'm going to attach the images as well, since they don't show up in the preview.
  14. Green Comet I realize that BitTorrent Bundle isn't focused on books, but . . . I have my novel available in ePub and PDF, with the audio to be unlocked. I wish people could click on the link and choose to download the book, but all it does is bring it up in a reader. This has to be disappointing for users because who wants to read a 300+ page novel like that? I would want to download it and read it at my leisure, and I'm sure they would, too. I have had to append a note to my blurb advising them to visit my website to get the book. That's okay as a workaround, but I would like a better experience for my readers. rjb
  15. Thank you. I put in a few tags and, even though the Publish button wouldn't work*, they seem to have showed up.!/bundles/greencomet *I seem to have generally diminished editing powers. rjb