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  1. Don't you hate it when you start a thread only for annoying tards to just discuss tarded unrelated things? Many people get flagged for uploading a certain limit. I completely agree with the whole anti leeching thing that's the only reason torrenting exists. But shit, you guys are being as*holes. He's obviously a newb. Because of my slow local isp I can only really download at night while I sleep. Also because of my slow/local isp I can easily get caught torrenting. The easiest way to get caught torrenting is...you guessed it -seeding. Figured torrenting savvy asstards like you guys would know this. That being said I can't seed that much. It is common courtesy to seed at least 1:1 so you are at least giving what you are taking. That is what that ratio means. Keeping it at 0 will continiously seed until you stop it. Setting it to 1 will seed until you've seeded one full copy of the torrent. So on and so forth. There are little tricks out there to stop it automatically. Most people on these forums seem to be overprivelleged kids who post before considering other people. A few years ago my brother was downloading a movie for his wife while he visited us at home. He fell asleep on the couch laptop on...er...lap. The next morning he realized he was seeding some Jennifer Anniston movie all night. Our internet was disconnected. We got a call from Columbia pictures, a fine, a slower connection, a higher monthly rate, and are probably being monitored more as far as d/u rates go. So when someone asks you a question and you don't have an honest answer or don't want to give them an answer just STFU and switch back to the tab you keep open of Dane Cook gifs. *mic dropped