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  1. that maybe the easiest way darlin, but doesn't help nor answer the question. It also defeats the whole point to needing bit torrent when I can go to content creators web sites etc to dl anything without needing Bit at all.
  2. Ok I've been using Bit Torrent for a very long time, many years in fact. Back about 6 months ago I got nasty letter from my ISP for downloading. I am to stop this illegal behaviors immediately. That if they are notified again that I am downloading. They will immediately cut my "service speed" to a bare minimum (basically back to dial up speeds for basic web surfing only) We all do what we do here. I'm not going to defend or get into a "well don't do this or that" My issue or question. How do you utilize Bit, with out the places you download from reporting you to your ISP, or your ISP knowing? How do I feel comfortable ever using Bit again, if this is a community of closet file sharing people, that are living and dwelling in the shadows. How are 100's of thousands of you managing it and not getting nasty emails and letters from your ISP?
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