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  1. I tested with Bittorrent 7.8.2 and utorrent 3.3.1. Speed Limit working for older versions with same settings. I think there are more errors than benefits in the newer Bittorrent (7.9) and uTorrent (3.4.1) versions.
  2. It was disabled. I tried again and enabled it. But still doesnt work. And by the way, when I enable apply rate limit to transport overhead and apply rate limit to utp connections, my download speed is low (like 30 kb/s). I dont know why bittorrent dont want to regulate speed.
  3. Hello there. For a long time, download limit not working for me. It never worked. Maybe Bittorrent Forum can help. I tried many tutorials. No one worked. And ya, apply rate limit to transport overhead and apply rate limit to utp connections are checked. But its still not working. I tried another torrent client (I wont say the name. Its not allowed to talk bout other torrents clients, I guess?) and download / upload speed worked perfectly. So there is no problem with my network or computer. Only Bittorrent / utorrent dont want to limit my speed. Any ideas?
  4. I noticed that there are updates for Bittorrent und utorrent with fixed - crash. I will test it
  5. No clues? Thas a pity. I liked Bittorrent. It happend again ~5x today "Windows has no memory left. Could create 52893985 bites" blabla. But There is 6 GB Ram unused. I dont know why Bittorrent crashes and reports a non-existing error.
  6. These ones are checked: - Reduce memory usage when the cache is not needed - Enable caching of disk writes - write out untouched blocks every 2 min - write out finished pieces immediately - enable caching of disk reads - turn off caching if the upload speed is too low - remove old blocks from the cache Advanced Options: - diskio.cache_reduce_minutes 9 - diskio.cache_stripe 128 (I never changed these settings. They are still the original, first installed, settings.) --- So I wonder why I have problems now, cause previous version always worked fine Using Win 7 64bit, Memory 8GB, Hard Drive 500GB. And by the way: Maybe I was mistaken about the Dump file. ".dmp" <-- is this the dump file? I found 4 in Bittorrent Appdata (Crash happened 3 or 4 times I think)
  7. Hello there. Since I updated Bittorrent to version 7.9 it crashes randomly. "Error: Out of memory" and then "Bittorrent Dump File couldnt be created" Before when I used version 7.8 it never crashed. Not even one time. Any clues?