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  1. Downloaded CD from torrent and every song skips to the next one after a couple of seconds. How can I fix this?
  2. Yes I did, but looks like I was working with 2 routers. That was the problem!
  3. ***update*** Cant even download, seems like torrents are stuck at "connecting to peers"
  4. I have spend countless hours this week trying to figure out how to get decent download speeds but I just cant figure it out, it seems as though I cannot open the ports. I am not an expert with computers, but I have decent common sense. Can anyone help me figure it out? This is what I did: Went into Windows Firewall and added rules to allow BitTorrent Followed a couple Youtube vids about how to set optimal settings for BitTorrent (including seting port to 45682 and going into preferences/advanced to tweak some settings) ***this along with step 1. improved my download speed from 1-5kb/s to 40kb/sSet my IPv4 IP to Static which I found after running cmd ipconfig/allWent into my router and forwarded the following ports that were recommended (45682, 11136, 11092,12821) ***on a side note, this week I successfully forwarded ports to play Call of Duty Ghosts which changed my NAT type from Strict to Open.In my router under security I checked Disabled for Block Anonymous Internet Requests Notes After doing step 4 (port forward) my download speeds went back down to 1-7kb/s.My internet speed is 5mb/sDownloaded PFportchecker by portforward.com and it says that port 45682 for my IP address is CLOSED.When using bit torrent I sometimes momentarily see a green check-mark indicating that it is configured properly, however after a couple of seconds it automatically changes to the orange triangle with exclamation (!). Im dont think this has anything to do with it but when I set my IP to static (step 3) I set my DNS to and (google)What am I missing or doing wrong?