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  1. If you could link a screenshot of these ads, I can pass it to the appropriate team for investigation. Thanks!
  2. Simply go to Bundles.bittorrent.com and click "Publish". Set up an account and follow the steps for configuring your Bundle and setting up your PayPal connection. Feel free to hit up Publisher Support (link is in the Publish area of the site, at the bottom), with any issues you encounter.
  3. We appreciate you letting us know about potential security issues. From what I can draw from your report, the xss alert is showing up via a script you are running to monitor your browser for this kind of potential security vulnerability. Is the "xss_by_Faizan" your own script, hence the name association with your forum handle? I'll definitely let the appropriate team know, and again we appreciate you flagging this. As you've redacted the URL, I assume you are on the BitTorrent Client Help Center, and from the fragment I can see, it looks like you are looking at a specific article. Would you mind dropping in the URL, and letting us know whether it's just this page or the whole Help Center site? Awesome, thanks!
  4. Thanks for reporting. I've reported this to our Ads team who will get rid of the ad immediately. Totally unacceptable.
  5. I too was going to suggest updating to the latest version, though from what the devs have come back with, it looks like the issue will still be there in the latest build. They have identified what's happening and are working on a fix for this, but in the mean time, please restart your Air. I know it seems basic, but they tell me that it should temporarily resolve the issue.
  6. Wow, thanks for the dump. I'll get some eyes on this.
  7. This issue has been fixed and pushed to the Google Play store. Let us know if you still encounter issues.
  8. When you are re-installing, are you removing or renaming the %appdata%/bittorrent folder? You can access this hidden folder by going to Start->Run->%AppData% in XP. To post a screen shot on the forums, you'll need to post it on a photo site (like imgur, photobucket, flickr etc) and drop the link in here.
  9. I believe this was addressed in a recent build. Try downloading the latest build (36618) and let me know if it doesn't work for you.
  10. The fix for this is available in the uTorrent Beta version for Mac, available here http://download-new.utorrent.com/endpoint/utmac/os/osx/track/beta/ If you are seeing this in the PC Client, let me know.
  11. Thanks for reporting. You aren't the only one affected. We are running to get a fix out to you all. Sorry for the trouble.
  12. Let me see if I can shed some light on these topics. First off, Bleep is a native app. It uses IE to authenticate to Google oAuth (which is a standard web thing). While you may have a default browser set, your Windows Operating System incorporates IE in many ways. Keeping to this tried and trusted authentication allows Bleep to remain private and more secure. Remember that you can always opt out of the Google address book function. You can add your contacts manually by clicking the + button. As for all Google contacts showing up, the first screen shows all of your contacts. We then ask you to let us check and see if anyone of your contacts are already on Bleep. We will then add the ones who are already on Bleep and show you the ones that aren't, so that you can invite them on the next screen. This turned out to be a bit confusing for some users so we are improving that flow in an upcoming release. Hopefully this helps, and we appreciate you taking the time to write up your experience with Bleep.
  13. *gets poked* You'd only need one license for up to 5 instances of the client on Windows. The Mac + VPN shouldn't matter in the chain here. Let us know if it isn't recognizing the license.
  14. I investigated what was going on here. It looks like the renewed activation limits we provided didn't take. It could be that not all the data was removed from your %appdata% folder, prior to applying the new key. Due to the length of time you've been working with the Support team, I've gone ahead and authorized a refund, which you should have received notice of. If you want to re-up your license, go right ahead, but again I suggest removing the files located in the BitTorrent folder within your %appdata% directory. Use the search function in your Start Menu to locate this normally hidden folder. Thanks, and our apologies if you felt you were treated poorly, we're using your interactions to improve our Support.
  15. Thanks for the heads up, we'll make sure the latest build is sent to Norton for inclusion in the exemption list. FYI, if you downloaded the latest stable build today from http://www.bittorrent.com/downloads, then you are on Version 7.9.2 (build 33876).