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  1. My eyesight is deteriorating and it is getting harder and harder to read the text in the GUI. Is there a way to increase the font size so I can more easily read what is displayed? I tried looking through all the settings for such an option, but couldn't read some of them...
  2. I think I might have answered my problem while writing out this post. Since I manually load all torrents I use I do not need Autoload so tried setting up a dummy folder and designating it as the Autoload folder, which stopped the errors and does not interfere wit me doing things my usual way.
  3. I just noticed that the Logger is generate the above error every second or so. My first question is what Autoload does and what is the best way to configure it to stop generating this error? I had never heard of Autoload before. I run Bittorrent out of one folder that contains all torrent and all the files they refer to and load torrents either via download from a browser and by placing them in my Bittorrent folder and double clicking them. Hence I do not understand the reason I would be asked to specify a separate folder. If I create some dummy empty folder and designate it as the Autoload folder will that interfere with downloading to and uploading from the folder I now use? Or am I supposed to have the torrent files and the files they refer to in separate folders? If so, why? My second question is whether these errors are logged somewhere in a file. I am having creeping storage loss on this device and wonder if perhaps an error log file needs to be cleared out. Thanks for any help.
  4. Thanks, wasn't aware of the swarm health issue. It was very handy to have a way to park torrents separately from stop and queued though; maybe an idea for a future enhancement?
  5. Please explain what you mean by misused. In my experinece as a developer I usually found that what other developers called 'misuse' was usually bad design. The user knows what they need to do, and I have found using the Pause button the way I did very useful for what I want to do. I am having another problem too. I needed to move something up 20 spots in my queue, so I clicked on it. But when I clicked on the up arrow it moved up one place and then lost focus so I had to click on the torrent again before I could click on the Up arrow again, whereupon it lost focus again. This meant that to move it up 20 places in the queue took 40 clicks instead of 21 and it took about three times as long to complete the task as it should have. Further details -- this losing focus when moving items up in the queue only seems to effect certain torrents and not others, but I can't see what the difference was. And I just had an example where I chose three torrents that were consecutive in order. When I clicked the Up button the top one dropped out of focus, but once the other two had moved up past it in the queue I was able to add it to my selection and have it stay there when I used the Up button. (Condolences to the developers: I know from experience that these kinds of problems can be the hardest to diagnose and fix.) I did not check whether the same problem occurs when moving items down in the queue. I just tried moving the torrent that lost focus that every time I clicked on the Up button down by clicking the Down button, and the same problem occurred, so it is not affected by which direction you are moving the torrent in the queue.
  6. I was updated overnight now and now I can't put torrents on Pause. I choose them, right click, choose Pause, but they stay as Queued. The torrents that had been on Pause before the upgrade were still on Pause afterwards, but they were leaking -- downloading intermittently -- even though they were on Pause, so I Stopped them, then Started them, and ended up where I am now with them all Queued instead of Paused where I want them.