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  1. HI! I just tried another computer that is connected to the same wireless router and the same identical results to that bittorrent as well. I also tried using utorrent and again the same thing happens. Plz help
  2. Here is a video of what happens when I enter into bittorrent.; http://www.webcandesign.com/bittorrent/bittorrent.mp4
  3. Thanks for responing. The latest version, I cannot seem to locate an older version on the site. 7.9.1 (30769) If you need some pics just ask and I will privide you with what you need.
  4. HI! Every since the update it crashes as soon as I click any of the left tabs like ( Torrents, Feeds, devices) then it freezes. I all I get when the prigram opens is a dark screen on the right and at the top says "Bittorrent bundle" in the dark screen. All the menus Appear to work fine. I tried unstalling it and removing the settings as well but still no cigar. Anyone have any clues as to where I may look to resolve this issue?