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  1. Thanks for the reply, figured it out though sorry to be a bother. It was a bad torrent = 3=
  2. Alright, Sooooooooooo~ I downloaded bittorent the other day after utorrent decided it wasn't going to work, and i'm having the exact same issue. I downloaded an anime from bakabt.com (33.3GB) and I have the space I need for the download. I left the program on for 9hrs and when i returned it was still telling me it was finding peers. I would like to know if there is something i'm not doing correctly or if i'm essentially screwed if there aren't any peers or are there ways to bypass this and just get my files? it is my first torrent and my first time using torrenting softwares. T ^T please help, i'd love to watch my anime, it was the only place i could finally find it. it says that there are 16 peers in swarm and 115 seeds in the parenthesis, however there are 0 of 0 connected in both