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  1. Used to be, in older versions, I could set the download priority and get the files in the order I wanted them. Lately when I set all priorities to low and one single file to high, the file doesn't download at the highest speed. After stopping the other downloads that are at low bandwidth priority and low file priority which are actually going FASTER than the high priority one, the one I want to download goes back up to full speed (about 500-700 kbs in my case) so it's not a lack of available sources to download from, it's the other torrents stealing most of the bandwidth.
  2. Do you know of a way to reset it?
  3. I recently did a fresh install of windows, but since reinstalling bittorrent whenever I click a magnet link I get a pop up that says "Error Server did not respond"
  4. Well this is an admin account so unless there's something I'm missing security shouldn't be an issue (and never has been). My firewalls allows everything relating to bittorrent and hasn't changed for a while. And my antivirus is malfunctioning at the minute (I think I accidentally uninstalled a part of it a couple days ago.) and so isn't running. I can't speak for the malware or viruses but I can say that about a week ago I ran 2 different antivirus and 3 different malware and rootkit scans.
  5. When you have two different torrents with the same files and the same name (except one of the torrents in this case had MORE files) they share a file folder, and if you delete one it deletes both.
  6. If that's the case Harold, why did it just start now on this new torrent, and not a while ago? also how would I fix that?
  7. now I get "access is denied" (check)
  8. I have about 780GB extra space, so it's not that. But how do I force the recheck?
  9. I've never had issues with this before, but all of a sudden I came across this one torrent that gives me this error. It got about half way downloaded and then this started happening. If I restart the torrent it continues downloading for several seconds (and completes several new files some times) but stops again. My best guess is that it's one specific file in the torrent that won't download (I'm not sure which) and any time it tries to download said file it stops the whole torrent because of the error.
  10. Max speed of about 20 kB/s on a torrent with 5000+ seeds and only 1000 downloaders. ALL my torrents are doing this. The only thing that I have changed that I can think of is setting teredo to enterpriseclient. I tried switching it back but nothing changed. Other download speeds are fine (from like mega or whatever) Operating on Windows 7 with latest version of bit torrent Um actually it up and fixed its self, so... yeah. People are welcome to speculate though!