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  1. Hi, I just posted a question in another forum, got an answer which I'm mostly happy with but leaves one question unanswered (for me anyway). However the admin just gave a reply and then immediately locked the topic -- so instead of seeing "Reply to this topic" I see "This topic is locked". I don't want to re-post the question which is pretty much answered. I can't see any way to contact the admin and I can't reply to the topic. How should I proceed? BTW - sorry if I'm being an annoying new user - "Why did you immediately lock my topic?" is my second ever post! ;-) For information (the following information really doesn't belong in this thread) the admin said you cannot be 100% certain that a client is downloading only from you [i.e. even if they download 100% of the torrent, they may still be downloading from multiple peers] and all I wanted to ask is: I accept the client may be downloading 100% from me and also downloading from other peers, but do you know what sort of client would do that when the out-of-the box setting for uTorrent (and every other torrent application I know of) is to connect to as many peers in the swarm as possible? You must admit this is unusual behaviour for a client, especially when all the others in the swarm behave in a different way. I can't understand why the other peer is doing it. Anyway, back on topic if a thread gets locked for no apparent reason, what should I do?
  2. Hi, I have a popular torrent (there are 100+ people seeding). I have noticed that nearly everybody I am sharing with takes only a few hundred KB... but one user in the US has uploaded over 70% of the entire file from me. I don't know what this individual is up to, but I suspect he's up to no good. It seems reasonable to assume I have one leecher that is breaking ettiquette and wants 100% of the file from me alone. Not sure why. I want to seed the torrent but I don't want to upload more than about 25% of the torrent to any one inividual (if the torrent is healthy). I can achieve this, although this is not a very good workaround, by setting uTorrent to stop seeding after 100% and hope that more than one person is uploading from me, but I'd rather seed unlimited. In a perfect world, 4 seeders could do 25% each. This will not happen in reality because of the other seeders' bandwidth. Is it possible to have uTorrent calculate 25% of the total torrent size (to be used as an upload cap for all peers) and then enforce the cap if there are more than say 8 seeders? Like I say, I want to seed as much as possible but am a bit wary of one person who's asking for 100% of the file. Thanks,