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  1. Hi. So far we are still working on a customized version of tribler. Currently, we are modifying the bootstrap list of servers. We have to do some tests in order to ensure everything stays inside our network and does not go into the wild. We haven't found any alternative so far.
  2. I mean no offense by saying that Sync is not libre. It seems rather a cool software. I just want to explain that we are looking for a software which lets us modify the sources just like tribler for instance. I have read that Sync sources may possibly be available in the future and if this occurs it will fit our needs. In the mean time if anybody have a more appropriate suggestion fitting our requirements I would be very thankful. Any hint, maybe looking at other technologies. We are quite open providing it fits what I have described above. Thanks again for your feedback which is much appreciated.
  3. I meant free as in freedom, not free beer. Libre, not gratis. And Sync is not free in that sense (as far as I could understand). So I can't trust it, study it, modify it, redistribute modified versions. That's why I cannot use it.
  4. Thank you for your reply. The software seems promising. Yet I can't find the sources nor the license. Is BitTorrent Sync free software ? Is there any location where I can find the sources please? Best regards, EDIT: It seems according to your Unofficial Sync FAQ in your signature that BitTorrent Sync is not free software and neither open source. Thus I can't use it. Thanks for the hint though. Any other suggestions? It seems our best shot is to fork tribler in order to get rid of the global IPs in the bootstraptribler.txt file.
  5. Hi, With some friends we would like to do the following things: - Share photos - Family videos - Share private torrents This would be done over a private network using tinc (Virtual Private Network daemon). Torrents shared over this network must not be accessed from other networks. No connection tentatives must be done towards external networks. Every machine knows what files are available on the other machines of the network. When a machine is asked to download a file, it should download it from a set of other machines owning the file to maximise transfer rate (in comparison to direct transfer). A------------B | C----' If A wants a file, if the file is in B and C, then A will download chunks from B and C at the same time. The index of what files are available should not be put in a central place. We would like the system to still work if any machine is disconnected from the network. The indexer and sharing daemon should run on a headless machine. This solution looks like trackerless (via DHT) torrent, but we couldn't find any good implementation. The only tool that we found doing all of that is tribler. Yet, before digging into more details about this tool, we would like to know all the possibilities we have. We have tried to set up trackers on each host sharing files. Yet we have to synchronize the trackers and we couldn't figure an obvious way to do this. Moreover it is not easy to have a unified view of the totality of the available shared content on the network. We are aiming at a trackerless architecture which would allow us to list and share files in a decentralised fashion. We think the DHT will be a key component of our architecture. Are there any existing tools which could allow us to set up all these requirements in place? Thanks in advance for any of your ideas and suggestions. Best regards.