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  1. I don't think that can be the problem, because I can download small torrents that are just as dead without any problems, takes only couple minutes. I even tried some very new torrents that cannot be dead, same problem, can't download if it's over 1GB. I think works differently than lets say piratebay, I don't think torrents can "die" in This is just a guess though. edit: Maybe the reason is that is blocked in my country and I have to use firefox addon to get in there? And that's why I cannot download so big files?
  2. I'm not sure where I can see that, but when I click torrent and check the trackers tab it says: DHT: seeds 0, peers 2 local peer discovery: seeds 0, peers 2 peer exchange: seeds 0, peers 0 http://retracker.local/announce: seeds 0, peers: 0 udp:// seeds 0, peers 0 example of a small torrent that works: DHT: seeds 0, peers 0 local peer discovery: seeds 0, peers 1 peer exchange: seeds 0, peers 0 http://retracker.local/announce: seeds 0, peers: 0 udp:// seeds 1, peers 0 I have no idea where I can see availability.
  3. So can you help me with this problem anymore or should I try to find help from elsewhere? Thanks anyway!
  4. I downloaded this and it's now on my computer: "Slackware 14.1 x86_64 DVD ISO (Includes everything except for source code -- see the Slackware 14.1 source code DVD ISO above for source code)" What now? edit: that torrents trackers says: - "Your client's "key" paramater and the key we have for you in our database do not match."
  5. That site says its for Linux, but I don't even use Linux. Do I have to download them all anyway or just 1 of them? And is it 100% safe?
  6. And btw, small torrents that works fine also says "hostname not found". So that cannot be the problem here, right?
  7. Thanks for fast answer, but I really have no idea what that site is about, i'm very bad with computers sorry. Can you explain how that site could help me?
  8. Hi, whenever I try to download torrent that is bigger than 1gb, it just says "Connecting to peers 0.0%" This happens only when I try to download torrent from though. But if the file is small I can download it without any problems. Is there any way to fix this? torrent trackers: DHT - working Local peer discovery - working peer exchange - working http://retracker.local/announce - hostname not found udp:// - working