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    I am using the Windows version with a Nord VPN. Twice my service has been interrupted by Cablevision (ISP) because of a Torrent download violation. What am I doing wrong to avoid detection?
  2. I would like to download a previous version of bittorrent. Where can I find this archived on this site?
  3. sorry, I don't understand what that means. Please explain
  4. Boruch

    A Selfie?

    I'm embarrassed to ask this but here goes... How can I upload an profile image? Apparently there is no local path option only a url or Gravatar as source. Thank you
  5. Would you please help me understand why the download rate of content is not logically related to its order in the queue? In other words, selected media may actually download faster as the third than as the first. Likewise all of the others speed up accordingly.
  6. The very latest version seems to cause BSOD after a few minutes of download on my Windows 7 machine with 8gb of ram. Any ideas?