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  1. SOLVED: don't know how but i think bittorrent change the port, now i put the exception to the router and all is working fine
  2. Avira Antivirus Suite (not the one free) Don't know how many seed/peer because it's always 0/0 if it can't connect to the peer and for sure the torrent is not dead. For example: from tryed to download Sword Art Online ii - 02 720p only one udp tracker, solved adding a random http tracker from tryed to download the last 3 episode of Hemlock Grove, 5/6 udp tracker, solved adding a random http tracker from i can download without problem because it have 5/6 udp not responding and one http that is working
  3. Hello everyone, it's some time that i have this problem now (just say two week). When i try to download from some torrent site, the torrent remain stuck to connect to peers. Just a while ago i discovered that the fault is the udp tracker that are not responding (connection time out). Atm i have found a solution adding manually an http tracker, that had low seed/peer, just to allow the exchange peer to work. Any ideas? Thank you Edit: forgot to say that sometime, before i found this trick about adding an http tracker, the torrent started downloading after some time in the queue