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  1. Ok, that's what I thought, because I had noticed I was getting a lower dl speed when I would Force Start. Thanks for the information Harold Feit.
  2. I was just wondering what the difference was between Start and Force Start, when it comes to dl. Is one better then the other?
  3. I am using a Samsung Transform Ultra. I am having a problem with BitTorrent freezing up when I am DL a torrent containing multiple files, or if my DL speed goes over 2 mb/s. It will feeze up and I'm not able to exit, or do anything else on my phone so I end up having to remove the battery and reinsert it, this happens sometimes 15 times in a row, until I just say f*** it and delete the DL. Is this a problem with BitTorrent or because I may just have a crappy phone?
  4. I am using a Samsung Transform Ultra, and BitTorrent has been working almost fine until recently. Two days ago out of nowhere it stopped showing my DL speed, the torrents still DL but I can't tell what my speed is.