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  1. I have exactly the same problem as above and cannot sort it. I am not a techno, so am really struggling for an answer. I'm on windows 8.0 using a brand new HP computer. I've tried different servers to no avail. I'm in Thailand, but all the others out here that use utorrent don't have a problem. I didn't have these problems when I first started using it, but it just happened out of the blue. I think it was after an update. I've even tried loading an older version but that doesn't work either. One of you out there must have a solution. When I got this computer last week, I uploaded utorrent and it worked fine, but then after various updates ( I don't know what was updating ) it stopped again. When I open utorrent, D and U start up but then reduce down to 0.0 and the 1 node ( waiting to log in ) sign appears. Can someone please help and explain a solution in easy to understand terms. Thanks in anticipation!!