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  1. Hello to the troubleshooting community! I had a problem with bittorrent that appeared within the last few days where it would randomly crash whenever I attempted to do, well, anything really. When it first started I was downloading a rather large file (30+GB) and it crashed when the DL was 98% complete. I then had a nighmare of a time trying to get it going again as many times I started up the application it would crash during the 'recheck'. I eventually managed to get it to finish by starting it up and not interracting with the window a single time while the check, then download finished. It seemed that the more i did with the window (checking DL speed, file completion, etc) the more likely I'd get a nasty surprise. I have uninstalled then reinstalled Bittorrent, and still no luck. I also deleted the settings.dat and settings_old.dat from the %appdata% folder and still nothing. Now pretty much whenever I start up Bittorrent it dies instantly. Please advise! SPECS: Win 7 Home Premium 64bit 3.8GHz quad core AMD CPU 12GB 1333MHz RAM (don't complain, I have 4 slots and two 2gb and two 4gb both in dual channel so it's perfectly fine) C:\ 500GB 7200RPM HDD M:\ 2TB 7200RPM HDD* *most of my torrents I install go to my M:\ 2TB 7200RPM drive unless they are small as I have less than 100GB free on C: now. Also, no I don't have 15 HDDs I just used EasyBCD to rename it M: for Media. The one Im currently trying to download is going to be in users/downloads on the C: drive UPDATE: I use Bittorrent mostly because having stuck with it without issue for a long time I have gotten used to it, I like the amount of info you can get and how easy it is to adjust what you can see, and back when I used uTorrent I found that my ISP would deliberately slow my home internet connection due to torrent downloads