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  1. Which turned out to be a complete pain a certain place. When I move an 8GB file from one physical disk to another it takes about 2 minutes, maybe 3, When Bittorrent moves a file, between the same disks, it takes maybe as much as an hour. What is going on? Yes, I have a crap load of files downloading (download rate can be as high as 20Mbps, seldom more, which of course will affect the disk), using the HDD it's moving the files from, but copying and moving files takes precedence, which it also should in Bittorrent, but which I suspect it doesn't. So how do I give file moving precedence over downloading? Sorry for being overly sarcastic, and dramatic, but this seriously annoys me.
  2. First. On occasions I come across files that are obviously left with just a block or two not uploaded, where there are several people staying at 99.9%. Is there no way to get around this problem? Like some sort of punishment for people who do this on purpose, probably repeatedly. When several people download a file, is there a way to make certain they download different blocks, all the time, so if the seeder(s) stop seeding, the peers still have the complete file between them, or at least as much as possible? Can the client have a sort of serial number (not connected to the physical person, or IP-address) so it's possible to find out who does this, and blacklist them if they do it repeatedly? It could be buried deep in the registry (Windows) so it's hard to find it, or at least a hassle to fix. Second. In regards to the first. I always keep files with less than 5 uploaders in my client, but when I download stuff the ones I download seems to get priority on upload, which is completely stupid if there are a bunch of seeders. Is it possible to let the users set priority on files for upload? Some of the files I have for upload has been downloaded hundreds of times, and I'm the only one that has them, or at least one of very few. ps If anyone reads my old posts and notice I mention having ADSL, and wondering why uploading is important for me. I got 300Mbps fiber a few months back.
  3. I'm downloading hundreds of movies (I have 300Mbps so that's not the problem) and notice that when I increase the max number of active downloads it seems to slow the speed. What I did was to increase max downloads to 200, increased global max connections to 10000 and max number of connections per torrent to 50. This seemed to be too much for Bittorrent to handle (it almost seemed like it got confused, and jumped around between the files, downloading a little here and a little there). I now have it at 25 simultaneous downloads, 200 global max, and 25 per torrent. This seems to work, but I don't get speeds above 10-15Mbps (total for all files), that's the reason I wanted the increase the number of downloads. It could of course be the ISP that limits bandwidth for VPN, but they denies it, and speedtest shows speeds of around 100Mbps both ways (can't expect much more with VPN). Speedtest without VPN shows in access of 300Mbps. I also moved the torrents to different HDD, so they are now spread over 3 different physical drives, to be certain that disk r/w isn't a problem.
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