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  1. I turn on my computer today, open uTorrent, and I see that all my history is deleted. It shows 0 completed, even though it has to be like 300. I did not have any active downloads, everything was finished.. Wtf, how to get it back? Please help!
  2. Whenever I restart my computer torrent starts checking files and it takes him hours. For example when he starts checking a 35gb download, he does that at least for 3 hours. If not the check the download would have been easily finished in those 3 hours. I don't want it to check the files. Just download that goddamn torrent.
  3. Hello, usually when I download any torrent my download speed is very unstable. When I add a new torrent it starts downloading it at high speed (over 5mb/s) then after a few minutes drops down to 0.2kb/s then after few seconds it starts going up again until it reaches high speed, and stays there for a few minutes.. Atm I'm downloading a torrent and same thing happens, it goes from 0.2kb/s to 11mb/s then goes back to 4.5mb/s then goes back to 0.2kb/s etc. It doesn't matter if its Wifi or cable. The problem is not in my internet provider. Also I was using default bittorent preferences, then I found some different videos/articles but they didn't help, so I set everything to default again. What should I try?
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