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  1. Hello all, I had been using uTorrent, and I came across the problem of my torrents getting stuck at connecting to peers. This happened out the blue without changing any settings. I figured I'd download bittorrent and see if it did anything different (didn't really expect it to, but anyhow). It did not and I've went through the common fixes and nothing has worked. I have an exception in the only firewall I have (windows firewall). The status of the trackers are working and timed out. I have encryption enabled. Updating the trackers doesn't help. Don't really know what else to do here. Also, sometimes it changes to downloading metadata and then switches back to connecting to peers If I leave my computer on for a while (8-12 hours) usually it will start downloading and finish the download. Also I'm an expat in Korea and can't really read the control panel for my router. EDIT: Strangely only happens on certain torrents, but on ones that have been verified by other people