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  1. It kept freezing alot before it happen. When I tried to open it. Left it on then it happen. I dont think its someone. My computer is fully protected. Dont know if the freezing cause it or not. Is that possible?
  2. Im looking at all of them and my torrents have dissapear from the client. Tried to dowload one that I already had and instead of loading the trackers from it has it does when you have the torrent already on the client, it started downloading from 0. I meen i had the file already how can all of it been deleted from my client
  3. Hi need some help. Have used bittorrent for some time now. My problem is that all of my downloads have suddenly dissapeared from my torrent client. I still got the files on my computer but they not showing up in the bittorrent for some reason. Only like 3 files still apperring in the torrent. Even one file that I downloaded recently has dissapered and I cannot even find it on my computer or anywhere else. Please can someone help me? Thank you