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  1. Hey, The following bug concerns Āµtorrent, aswell as Bittorrent. I'm on a 50MBs line, with my real download being 46MBs (5,7mbs) and upload maxing 8MBs (1,2mbs). When downloading a torrent with unlimited uplaod, the download speed is almost halfed, when I limit the upload by half, it boosts the download speed, like seen in the image below. This is reproducable at any time. Although not a big problem besides me only being a 50% good person if I want 100% of my download speed, it creates the need to again select unlimited upload speed once the download is complete and it starts seeding. If I forget to do this, im again only a 50% good person, although I would like to be a 100% good person :] This seems to be overhead related aka, maxing out upload prohibits the announces of being send at full speed? Encryption on or off does not change the problem. No other Internet hungry stuff is present.
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