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  1. I restored my computer to an older date, deleted AVG, installed Microsoft security essentials... and it still crashes ( blue screen, same one) Any other ideas what can I try?
  2. Ok thanks Harold, I'll try to sort AVG out. Thanks ! p.s. Is there a specific antivirus program that is known to work well with bittorent?
  3. Thanks, I assume the problem is with internet security software (never had problems before installing one a week ago). I already uninstall the program (Spydoctor and Spybot search and destroy). Only other program I have left at the moment is windows firewall and AVG antivirus. Is it possible that Spyware docotr/spybot S&D changed something in the settings of my computer, that was left after uninstalling them?
  4. This is what I took with my phone of the blue screen. After I saw it I updated my network adapter card, but it didn't help.
  5. Hello, I've recently started having major problems with Bittorrent. After opening the program, I receive a blue screen ('dumping physical memory...'). This can happen anytime after opening the program, sometimes 1 minute after, sometimes 2 hours after. I checked on the forum for solutions, and this is what I've tried so far: - uninstalled Spyware-doctor - updated my adapter driver - tried different versions of bittorrent - disabled AVG (now i turned it back on) All of this didn't work. Does anyone know what else I can do? I am using windows 7, with AVG antivirus. Thanks