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  1. Our primary internet link is a Verizon 4G/LTE cell card in a Cradlepoint router. One member of our household takes his laptop to work to use uTorrent to dowload items. When the laptop returns home and reboots, it appears as if seeding restarts even if the client is not explicitly restarted. Obviously we'd like to restrict seeding to when he is not using the 4G link. He says he 'deleted' files so they wouldn't seed; I suspect either he's mistaken, or 'deleting' doesn't stop the seeding? I've read a lot of postings in these forums, and it would appear that only by setting seeding rate to zero can seeding be stopped? Hints or suggestions are welcome. In the meantime, we've put and alert/cap on the cradlepoint router to catch this should it recur.