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  1. Okey now i got it. Thanks for help.
  2. Im totally amazed. I tried uninstall NOD, reboot my system, and check torrent if it works, and IT IS. I never suspected that the cause of not working may be the NOD... After it works, I install NOD again and torrents still working for now. I have never meet problems with torrents and ISS. Can u explain me how its possible to get broke with no reason? (i didint change anything in my comp before torrents get off)
  3. Hm so what should i do? Im totally green in that matters and I dont know where to start. Should I call to my provider and ask bout blocking torrents? Should I redirected my proxy servers or something like that? I have ESET NOD and have never problems with connections by antyvirus program. Help guys.
  4. Hi, i used torrent for years. In couple last days i wanted to download something from tv shows and i simple cannot do this. It seems to show me that connecting to peers are last forever. Than i realised that in "trackers" display next to every tracker sign "no such host is known"... This is the image how its look http://gyazo.com/9da0d6184636bdec13f59b25239d96ff I used top torrents from top list that no way to this tracker have 0 seeds ... Anyone can help me? I read couple of topics on forums and get nothing to fix it, likely this poeple with the same problem on forums. Can anyon e explain me (please use simple language) whats going on and how to fix it ? PLEASE, BEGGING YOU HELP
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