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  1. Bleep On Ios Issues, V. 1.4.648

    This issue should now be resolved with the release of version 1.5.664 today for iOS. Along with the above-mentioned fix, you’ll get to enjoy the other great features that were part of the previous release:Improvements to message delivery and presence stabilityCrash fixes per user reports re: sending messages, and during account signup.Bug fix for memory leakFix to Add Contact screens preventing users from adding contacts per buggy scroll behaviorFix to correct badge counter of unread messagesYou can get the latest release here:https://itunes.apple.com/app/apple-store/id941305420?pt=1086773&ct=Email&mt=8
  2. Bleep On Ios Issues, V. 1.4.648

    Update for iOS users: If you can help it, please don't un-install/remove/re-install while we work on this fix; this will ensure all your contacts will be preserved when we push out the next update. If you happened to removed/reinstalled Bleep, you’re in a state where you have an entirely new public key. And so in that case, any contacts you were speaking with have your old public key. Luckily we have support for fixing this, although it requires some work on your part. If you go ahead and invite each of your contacts and they accept your invitation, what should happen is that they will update the public key that they have for you, and everything should be fixed.
  3. Bleep On Ios Issues, V. 1.4.648

    Attention everyone using Bleep on iOS. Some users are experiencing all contacts offline as a result of our last release on 09/08, version 1.4.648. What Are We Doing? We're currently investigating this and working toward a fix. What’s Next? Once we have QA’d the fix, we will submit the fix to the app store, and announce in our forums when it’s live. Thanks for your patience. P.S. We also want to extend a special thanks to a couple of users who helped us diagnose the problem. We don’t want to identify you publicly for your privacy, but we’ve thanked you individually, and want to acknowledge your efforts here. You know who you are. Thank you.
  4. Big Problem Bittorrent Bundle

    Hey Wertone, Thanks for participating as an alpha publisher for Bundle. When you publish a Bundle, it's instantly live and ready for you to promote using your own channels (twitter, facebook, etc.). It does not automatically show up on search or at the bundles.bittorrent.com website. Can you email the link of your Bundle to content-contact@bittorrent.com and the team will take a look? Meanwhile, feel free to promote and share links to your Bundle with your fans. Thanks again for helping out with the alpha. --Porfirio
  5. Embed A Bundle Test

    Hi Jim, I think the problems you're having are from setting your embed size too small. We now have an embed generator on each Bundle page that sets a default size of 600x300, closer to the size of standard video players like YouTube and Vimeo. If you don't have room for an embed of that size, you might consider using the badge instead (shown below), and link out to the Bundle, especially since the Bundle player now has controls and lists, that would not be readable to fans in too small of a space. In any case, you can find the embed code on the upper-right side of your Bundle's page, called "Embed this Bundle". Thanks again for testing out these features, and let us know what else you think.
  6. Double Opt-In

    I forwarded your request to the team. One work-around in the meantime might be making your first email to the group serve as the double opt-in, where you message that this email is to confirm their download/transaction, and clicking through (or replying) will add them to your newsletter. Meanwhile, we'll have to think about something we can do at a product level. Thanks again for the feedback.
  7. Hey Bojan, If they unlock the Bundle from the streaming player, those plays will also be recorded under "plays". We don't break out how many plays were free files vs. locked files, but that graph shows them all together. Hope that helps. --Porfirio
  8. Hey Guys, As of 05/14, we're reporting PLAYS! What are plays? Those are the clicks on the preview/play buttons from your Bundle's landing page, and is completely separate from the download stats (the torrent downloads). Let us know what you think!
  9. Hey Guys, If you haven't noticed already, we now support tagging for your Bundles. Why is this important? Well, we're getting ready to implement search (finally), and having tags will make your Bundle easier for new fans to discover. To add tags to an existing Bundle, log into your account and edit your Bundle; it's okay if your Bundle is already published. From the editor, just under your Bundle's description, click "Show Advanced Settings", and you'll see the Add Tag field. Here are a couple recommendations: Give it a tag for each media type in your Bundle, e.g. audio, video, book, music, film.Tag it for the appropriate genres, like hip hop, punk, rock, rap, comedy, drama, etc.If you need to see a couple examples, we've tagged most of our featured Bundles from the past: Public Enemy: http://b.bittorrent.com/a8a632 The Crash Reel: http://b.bittorrent.com/f5b036 The 4 Hour Chef: http://b.bittorrent.com/15abab Let us know if you have any questions, and if you encounter any bugs, be sure to email us at content-contact@bittorrent.com Thanks for helping out with the alpha!
  10. Widget Content On Google

    Thanks, Lorenzo! I'll pass this along.
  11. Can Google+ Be Added?

    Hey Arjaybe, The Twitter and Facebook ones should be accessible under the "Advanced Settings" link, just under the description editor, for those that didn't know. I'll let the team know about your Google+ request. One work-around for now, might be to use the Store or Website fields, if you're not using those. Not exactly a perfection solution, but as mentioned, a work-around. Let us know if you have any other ideas. --Porfirio
  12. I passed this along to the team... thanks again for the feedback!
  13. I'll see if I can find out if the file previewer reads ePub. One trick would be to put the full book behind the email gate, and then they'd have to input their email and download the unlocked torrent in order to open the PDF. I'll also pass along to the team your preference as a publisher.
  14. Bit Torrent Logo

    We have this lockup here, which is 175px wide... http://bundles.bittorrent.com/img/logo.d29b8de0953c0e59fbbf1512786a9930.png
  15. If you're going to be in Austin at SXSW, please come by and meet us. Here's are meet-up information: http://blog.bittorrent.com/2014/03/05/bittorrent-bundle-meetup-at-sxsw/ Otherwise, keep cranking out those Bundles!