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  1. Hi, Recently I've downloaded a torrent movie and when I played it on my Samsung 4K tv via my external drive I've noticed can't fast forward or rewind that movie. Is there a way to fix that issue? Thanks for your help. Serge
  2. Hi, I'm having some problems with BitTorrent for a while now. When I download small files everything is going fine but each time I download big size MKV movie file after a while I get a black screen in BitTorrent and freezes/not responding. I have to close the program and after it's start checking the file. My BitTorrent version is 7.10.5 (build 45967) 32-bit. Thanks for your help, Serge
  3. Hi, I'm having some problems these last few days with my internet after downloading some big 4K movies torrents. I use Verizon as an Internet provider. All the websites pages were running slow to display and videos on YouTube were running forever with a circle. Torrent files were starting to download and stopped a few minutes later. I ran an Internet speed test on SpeedOf.Me and the result is download speed 13.16 - upload speed 14.15 - latency 30. I'm not familiar with all that stuff and would need some advices. I've heard about VPN before but never used one and would like to know about it. Thanks, Serge
  4. Hi, I have a Samsung series 8 4K tv at home and it's always a pain to have to convert most of the audio from movie torrents, my tv only support Dolby Digital. Any tv that can play DTS, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, DTS X, Dolby TrueHD? Thanks for your help, Serge
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    Hi, Recently I had to do a Windows system reset with Recovery Manager because I was having some issues with my computer. I have some portable drives with MKV movie torrent files and I added art covers to all of them but when I plugged my portable drives 99% of the covers I added to the movie files were gone.... I don't know what happened and may be somebody can help me in this forum. Thanks. Serge
  6. Thanks Harold it's working now after resetting winsock. What other port do you think I should use? Have a nice evening, Serge
  7. Well, I guess I'm not the only one who can't download anymore, I have the same problems as you do...
  8. Hi, I installed Bittorrent a while ago on my Dell laptop and it was working fine until I got a virus on my computer and had to reinstall windows 7. I downloaded Bittorrent again and now I have some issues to make it work, I'm not a computer geek unfortunately and I was very lucky when I configured Bittorrent the first time... I've added a verified movie file with seeds for downloading and it doesn't work, I see "finding peers" and "DHT waiting to login" but nothing happens. when I click on file I see a red bar and in "trackers" I have the messages "no such host is known - failure : connection timed out". In the Preferences window, I entered "port used for incoming connection : 6881" and I checked "enable UPnP, NAT and add windows firewall exception". In Bittorrent features" I checked everything but "limit local peer". I also ran the test "bandwith/network" and I got the green check marks that it is working fine. In windows firewall "inbound rules - Protocol and ports" I have TCP local port 6881" and in "outbound rules - Protocol and ports" I have "UDP Remote port 6881". I don't know what the problem is but hope somebody in this forum can give me some tips on how to fix that. Thanks and have a nice day, Serge
  9. Hi Harold, How do you do that? I'm sorry I'm not very familiar with all the settings for Bittorrent and I guess I was very lucky the first time I set up everything. Serge
  10. Hi, I've just restore windows 7 on my laptop and reinstalled BiTorrent but I'm having a few technical issues now. I can't download any files with magnet link as I used to before, it doesn't download anything when I try. I have to use Torcache. Torcache works with movie files but when I try to download some applications from sites like Kickass nothing works. I'm quite confused about that and hope somebody can give me some tips. Thanks and have a nice day. Serge
  11. Hi, Two days ago I had a big virus on my laptop and I had to reinstall Windows and all my programs. I used Bittorrent 7.8.2 and I never had any issues to download files but after downloading Bitorrents again on my laptop I can't make it work. I try to add a few files but I get the message "finding peers" and then it shifts to "queed" and back and forth but nothing happens. I don't see the files information underneath nor peers, trackers... I allowed the program to the firewall and use the port 6881 for incoming connections and run the test "bandwith/network and got the message "port is open - your network is properly configured". I think the issue comes from the firewall "advanced settings" but I'm not very good with that stuff and I don't know how to configure it. I can see two bitorrents in "inbound rules", in the first one " protocol ports, protocol type TCP number 6, specific ports 6881, all ports "blank". for the second Bittorrent line I can see UPD 17, specific ports 9999, all ports "blank". I have no clue how to fix that and hope somebody on this forum can give me some tips. Thanks and have a great day. Serge