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  1. Hi Harold, Thank you for your feedback.Clearly your site is not involved with misleading,questionable downloads.Buying the genuine version is the only way to go. Cheers
  2. Hi Harold, You responded to my query regarding the download of Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded.You clearly have parameters which don't include assistance pertaining to downloads but are you able to provide a link etc to a website that would be able to assist me further? Thank you. Paul
  3. I've recently downloaded the game Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded on (Bittorent(<munch> downloaded rar file is big at aprx 1,93GB.Having downloaded it,a password is required.I link is provided to access the password.The following text file is included with the download file- You need a password for this file, you can download the password from here: or We decided to limit the downloads for this file, so only those who will follow the next steps will have acces to it, that's why we're asking to complete a short survey before you can download the password. After you complete the survey the download will automatically begin. Thank you for your support!. I have attempted to subscribe a few times so that the password would be provided,but this has been a pointless exercise,since it does not work. Please,is there anyone who can help?