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  1. How do I set BitTorrent as My default Torrent downloader? I have both BitTorrent and Utorrent one day Utorrent just automatically appeared and became the default program to which my torrents were both downloaded and stored i had no problems so i let it be but now Utorrent is not working properly at all! It will not open and when it does my torrents simply do not download i have to copy the magnet URL and add it to BitTorrent in order for it to work! I never wanted Utorrent to begin with and i do not want to lose the files i have in it! nI simply want to set BitTorrent as the default torrent downloading program but i have no idea how to do this plese someone give me very simple step by step instructions on how i would go about doing this! |It would be greatly appreciated to be honest i would like to eliminate Utorrent but not lose the files i have downloaded so if you could help with that i would be indepted to the community! Thank you! Peace and One Love! X1@