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  1. Any Maelstrom news? I haven't heard anything in a while anywhere. Beta nearing an end? Fizzling out? Problems? Personally I don't think this is going to take off till someone does something illegal on it, like create a Popcorn Time like site and I heard Bittorrent is trying to lose that image. I wonder if that issue is a dilemma with you guys? Anyway... I'm just excited to see Maelstrom or someone else take off with p2p webpages eventually. gl to you all.....
  2. I wasn't needing help, it was more of a suggestion. No user discussion? If magnet links are going to be making Maelstrom load up a web page or do whatever, then this will make it so torrent clients no longer open up via the magnet link. A user could change this but this would leave a big part of maelstrom not having the same ability to open up many links. I was just wondering if there was a better way to do this? A different kind of link maybe that pertains to torrent browsing? I'm thinking maelstrom shouldn't hijack the magnet link process.
  3. I would prefer to not give up magnet opening status to Maelstrom. Magnet's are nice to leave for your default torrent client. Though there are work arounds I could do, I wonder if there is a better way to implement this. BTW: I don't feel worthy for developer discussion, but I expect there needs to be more messages before there becomes an "unworthy area" :-D