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  1. I got idea to post this thread after reading the "What is the use of bandwidth allocation (high, normal, low) while downloading torrents file?": question on Yahoo Answers. After I thought about it for some time I think I understand it, but please correct me if I am wrong.... 1. If we are talking about "Bandwidth Allocation" options (High, Normal, Low) these are in relation to one torrent job vs. the other(s). 2. If we are talking about "Priorities" (high, normal, low) under "Detailed Info" pane at the bottom of BitTorrent) for separate files in a torrent job, these are in relation of one file vs. the other(s) in that particular torrent job. Because I noticed that for example setting "Bandwidth Allocation" to High for some torrent job will not affect files' priorities, i.e. they will remain at "normal" (default) priority. This answer in particular in that thread on Yahoo Answers got me thinking: And I replied with this explanation and the screenshot (that I've also attached here). Thanks in advance for any reply, satyr
  2. I noticed this problem when sometimes BitTorrent doesn't exit and keeps on opening a new 'set' of 4 TCP connections (the "SYS_SENT" state) to IP address every second or so (I can clearly see that with TcpView program from Sysinternals); at that stage there's only a "BitTorrent.exe" process that's left running (i.e. there's no window object left so you cannot evoke it by Task Manager for example, and of course there is also no tray icon anymore) so I need to kill the process. When I've first encountered this (and saw it's stuck in the loop) I tried to do it as "gently" as I could, but unfortunately EndTask method (from "user32.dll") is not enough so I need to use TerminateThread or TerminateProcess (functions from "kernel32.dll"), which is something I generally don't like to do... Luckily when I launch it next time there are no apparent consequences, but still, this is quite annoying. I should note that I have "bt.graceful_shutdown" option enabled (for which Help says: "... will take as long as it needs to finish its shutdown sequence"), but obviously in these cases it gets stuck in an never ending loop. I use a client version 7.02 (downloaded from this/original website some time ago) on Windows XP SP3. P.S. I am adding a few screenshots (the most important ones are from TCPView and from Process Explorer, the TCP/IP tab) to better understand situation (for technical people). satyr
  3. OK, since there were no replies (yet) and because I see that this is not so often used forum I am just letting you know that I already got pretty much all the answers in this thread on Ars Technica Forums. Thanks anyway!
  4. Also, I noticed that trackers used by BitTorrent don't work really well (or at all). I know that you musn't "update" too often because there's too much traffic for the trackers' servers and so I've tried just a few times. But it's always "working" (or briefly "announcing..."), "Connection timed out.", or "No such host is known." P.S. Or maybe "working" means that everything is as it should be (i.e. that the tracker is working OK)?
  5. Hel all, I am relatively new to using .torrents and although I am quite knowledgeable in computing, I do not understand a few things regarding basics of torrenting. As the topic description says, I am interested for example about how moving/renaming files (or renaming the .torrent file itself) affects other users (i.e. "peers") of some "swarm". You see, I like to have things organized my way (e.g. files named and structured into directories as I want to) and not as they were downloaded, and therefore I usually rename both, the files downloaded with BitTorrent and the.torrent file itself (actually, I rather create a new one). Oh and regarding creating a new one, usually I don't include various "FAQ.txt" and such nonsense files, so in the end there are no more multiple files under "\Some_movie\" directory, but rather just "Some_movie.avi" for which I create the .torrent. So my question is, after you announce to trackers this new .torrent which of course contains - at least one - identical files (by content, not by file name) as already existing .torrent files available to download (and findable by search engines) on the Internet, will the "community" know that this is actually the same file? Will it be included into the respective "swarm"? Because I noticed, that if there were e.g. 20 seeds in the swarm for one particular .torrent, after I rename the files (and/or move them), and create a new .torrent, then it's just me who's seeding. Thanks in advance, satyr