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  1. Yep. I definitely know where app data folder is. Since the only way for me to make the program visible again after this happens is to delete it's app data folder to reset it to default settings. My process for removing a program from my system is: Uninstall program, delete program files folder (if still there), delete all saved/app data, restart system and clear out all registry entries rendered "unused" as a result of deleting the program. Just to clarify, I'm not using the "SHUT DOWN when everything completes" option. I'm using the "QUIT when everything completes" option.
  2. Currently running BT 7.2.1 build 25138 on two of the machines. I don't know which utorrent build I was using because I uninstalled it. And yes, I'm still having this problem on fresh installs. I originally had an old 6.2 version installed on 2 computers. On my main I noticed the problem (it was the first time I had tried to use this feature) so I checked on my laptop and it had the same problem. So I updated the install on both computers to 7.2.1, and it was still there on both. Then I completely uninstalled the program, cleared all the temp files, etc., and downloaded & installed a new copy of 7.2.1 on my main computer... and it was still there. So then I uninstalled everything from both computers, downloaded the latest copy of both bittorrent and utorrent, installed them on 4 different computers (not at the same time), and the problem was there with the most current version & build of both programs on all 4 computers. I really don't know... I've pretty much just accepted that this feature is not going to work for me. I mean... how could it possible be a problem on my end if it's happening with fresh installes of both programs on 4 different computers with different operating systems?
  3. Like I said... I am using the latest versions of both bittorrent (7.2.1) and µTorrent (2.2.1). It was also happening on an older version of Bittorrent (6.2.?) before I upgraded it to this latest version in an attempt to fix the problem. So, to clear this up, I have tried the following combinations: Bittorrent 6.2.x (not sure of the exact revision number) Windows 7 64 bit Windows XP 32 bit Bittorrent 7.2.1 Windows 7 64 bit (upgraded from 6.2.x on one computer, installed a new copy on a 2nd computer) Windows 7 32 bit Windows XP 32 bit (upgraded from 6.2.x) µTorrent 2.2.1 Windows 7 64 bit (2 different computers) Windows 7 32 bit Windows XP 32 bit The bottom line is, I've tried multiple different versions of the software on multiple different operating systems/computers, and the same problem happens on every combination of software & OS.
  4. I don't know if there is a warning window or not, since I'm not there when the program shuts down. If I was there, I wouldn't need the program to shut itself down automatically. As far as versions go, I tried BitTorrent 7.2.1, BitTorrent 6.2 (hard to remember which one it was, I think that was it), and µTorrent 2.2.1
  5. I have. Multiple times. On 4 different operating systems. I even said I did in this topic.
  6. Still need help with this. I've tried both BitTorrent and µTorrent on 5 different computers now, ranging through XP, Vista, and 7... it happens on everything.
  7. ^ that doesn't really have anything to do with this problem. My problem is that using the automatic exit function causes the program to run invisible (no window, no taskbar entry, no tray icon, despite the program actually running according to task manager) the next time I start it up and the only way to get it back to normal is to delete the folder where all of it's settings are saved.
  8. Yes, it is happening with the latest versions of both the BitTorrent and the µTorrent clients. I first noticed this happening on my main computer (Win7 64bit) with an older version of BitTorrent installed. So I upgraded that BitTorrent client to the latest version available, and it was still happening. Then I installed a brand new download of the latest version of BitTorrent on my laptop computer (Win7 64bit) and it happened on that computer as well. Then the next day at work, I downloaded & installed the latest version of µTorrent on my work computer (Win7 32bit) and still this issue was showing up. Computer 1, 64 bit, old version of BitTorrent Computer 1, 64 bit, current version of BitTorrent Computer 2, 64 bit, current version of BitTorrent Computer 3, 32 bit, current version of µTorrent At this point I'm chalking it up to a problem with the software, seeing as I have tried 3 versions of the software on 3 different computers and it happens on all of them.
  9. I'm having this problem with both the BitTorrent AND the µTorrent clients. When I set the program to close automatically after all torrents are complete, it does. So in that area, it works correctly. BUT, the next time I go to use the program I can not see the program window. Double clicking the icon in my start menu (or the program files folder, or on my desktop) will actually start the program, but I cannot see it. The process will show up in my task manager, but there will be no tray icon, nothing on my task bar, and no window for it. This happens on three different machines. Two running Windows 7 64 bit, and one running Windows 7 32 bit. The only way I can get the program window to be visible again is to delete the utorrent folder in user>appdata>roaming... basically deleting all of the saved settings so the program behaves as if it was just installed. Is there any way to fix this?
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