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  1. great points opsoyo - i was thinking along the same lines. i think there could be static data (templates, code, images, videos, etc) and dynamic data (database tables, serialised objects, distributed databases!, etc) all of which could be updated using some administrative signature or similar mechanism so the client knows it's really part of the site. a similar approach could be used to allow members of a site to publish dynamic data as well as administrators.
  2. Is there a build of Maelstrom that can create torrent sites with content that can be updated by the publisher or by other users of the torrent site?
  3. I too am very excited by this aspect of Maelstrom. Is there an early version in the nightlys that can be enabled? Have you decided on a data replication format or protocol? How will a web page be given access to the data? Will everything be in the browser or will there be a server-like structure like a bundled instance of NodeJS? Can users login and sign data? Can a user hierarchy be created (mods and admins etc)? So many questions!