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  1. I posted a question earlier where i seem to have to restart my download after my pc shuts down. Now bittorent has a new trick. It will restart my download even when i properly shut down the program i was at 35%. Can anybody tell me why ? And what happened to the 35 % of files i downloaded?
  2. thnx bro! I have one last question though. The size of my file is 10gb i have downloaded 7 gig by now but my remain tab says i still have 7 gigs to go. This doesnt add up should i be worried?
  3. Thnx! Hhow do i force a re-check
  4. Thnx! How do i force a re-ceck??
  5. Hi im downing a big file about 10gig and when i restart my pc the file im downloading doesnt resume but restarts all over again from the beginning. Other files dont restart.only the big one. Does anyone know how to resolve this??