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  1. Warpgate

    Don't Kill Bleep!

    Aaaand Bleep is dead. No update in a year.
  2. Warpgate

    Is Bleep still under updating?

    Last Android update was on the 26th of August so I think it's safe to say the app died. No surprise here.
  3. The Bleep front page wrongly claims WhatsApp isn't end-to-end encrypted. Well surprise, it is. So is Viber, in fact. Also, I'm curious what "Native apps for all platforms" refers to? WhatsApp has a native Windows app now, just like Viber.
  4. Warpgate

    How To 'add New Device' ?

    It always baffles me how BitTorrent just seems to drop projects without any warning. BitTorrent Surf was just dumped one day. It seems like BitTorrent Sync is next. Such a shame.
  5. Warpgate

    Authorization Code Email Not Being Received

    I use Riseup and the email never shows up. Not even in spam.
  6. Hello. May I suggest adding Bleep to the Windows 10 App Store? Windows 10 is being released in just a few weeks, and if you are on there early, you have a massive potential to gain ground. They will support ordinary Windows desktop programs, so that won't be a problem.