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  1. Oh yea, I do remove them from BitTorrent first. Sorry, didn't know that was important.
  2. When it's not working, I do. I delete the ones that appear on my computer (when switched to my downloads folder where the .torrent files are downloaded, I see them there and initiate the bittorrent program via there).
  3. Will installing IPV6/Teredo help? I just noticed it in the General Preferences.
  4. Has been attempted, yes. :/ It's really weird. I was able to normally torrent them normally but then I just can't do it today for some odd reason. I did check the updates too and it said I was up to date.
  5. Hi, So as of lately, I noticed that bitTorrent was giving me issues on torrents. About 3-4 weeks ago, it was working perfectly fine. Today, it won't let me torrent anything. I've tried to torrent 3 different sources and files, but none of them could be opened. I read other's issues on this and checked my directory. I tried setting them to different locations and even disabled them (checkboxes), but the issue still persisted. Here is my directory if you need it and please help. Thank you.