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  1. I'm trying to run btc list | btc filter --key state "FINISHED" | btc remove to auto remove any finished torrents. This line is in a bash script that also runs a filebot script, which is run every 5 minutes as a crontab job. #!/bin/bash## btc list | btc filter --key state "FINISHED" | btc removeif [ "$(ls -A /media/Server/tempvideos)" ] thenfilebot -script "/opt/utorrent-server-v3_0/amc.groovy" --output "/media/Server/Videos" --log-file "amc.log" --def music=y --action move --conflict override -non-strict "/media/Server/tempvideos" --def plex= find /media/Server/Videos/.incoming/ -empty -type d -deletefilebot -script "/opt/utorrent-server-v3_0/cleaner.groovy" /media/Server/tempvideos/fi If i run the script from the prompt, it works perfectly, but when crontab runs it, the filebot scripts complete but the btc line doesn't remove the finished torrents. Any help would be greatly appreciated.