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  1. I've been wondering this same thing, but using the current BitTorrent protocol one would have to make a new torrent for every change as it would modify the infohash. That'd be the life of client-side updates to JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. Of course, you could have the JavaScript made to request more code/data from a centralized host and process it that way. Not sure how recommended that is. I definitely know eval-ing code is not recommended if avoidable. But, you're talking about dynamic PHP, ASP, or some other server-side language, no? At this point, unless some dev. as an ace up his/her sleeve, that's not possible. Somewhere and somehow, an interpreter would be needed to process those dynamic files/requests whether it be by the local machine or sending the request to another client in the swarm. And, at that point, Maelstrom might as well be a different type of mesh network. There could be a solution to the updating-of-static-files issue, but it would need Maelstrom to incorporate a reaction feature of some kind. Perhaps, via an auth. code or secret for obvious reasons, one could update a torrent by forcing the Maelstrom clients' reaction to a header or message of that would point it to the newer or newest infohash. That message may be part of the torrent file itself, as a text file, but the Maelstrom client would need a function to understand it. TL;DR: Not technically or by utilizing server-side languages.In theory, JavaScript could work as way to communicate with a central host.In theory, Maelstrom could have a static-file update feature, but would need functionality and understands that it doesn't appear to have at this time.