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    Scroll Bug

    version of BitTorrent: 7.9.5 (build 41203) problem: when add new torrent or restart BitTorrent in "Downloading" section it impossible to scroll to top to the last added torrent using scroll on the right. It stopped on half of last added torrent. Possible to move scroll to top only using "UP arrow" on keyboard.
  2. I havn't removed the files, but removed external HDD where they was (downloading always stopped when torrent downloaded). But in old version of BitTorrent this works correctly (old torrents doesn't appear in 'Downloading' section if HDD removed).
  3. Hi, in my old version ob BitTorrent (7.1 (Build 22001)) there wasn't 'old' torrents (that was finished more than 1 year) in 'Downloading' section. When torrent is finished it was going to 'Completed' section. But when i installed version 7.9.5 (build 41203) BitTorrent shows all old torrents in 'Downloading' section. How to make old view of BitTorrent ?
  4. I've found out that BitTorrent is crashing everytime when in peers appear some "wrong" clients like MediaGet.
  5. What's the currently supported version now ?
  6. My client is very often crashing with dumps last time. Please help to fix the problem.