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  1. Are you sure? But why is it still there despite so many shut down? And I want to uninstall BitTorrent one more time but now the icon disappeared from the Programs and Features!? Now your software is stuck in my computer! WHY!?
  2. I was trying to delete a file that I used BitTorrent to download it. I did opened up BitTorrent program to check the file(or torrent) but it wasn't anywhere on the list. I tried to delete the file manually but I can't. I tried to uninstall BitTorrent and reinstall again. But it still the same despite the present of BitTorrent. But then I realized I had 2 BitTorrent working in the system. The first BitTorrent works perfectly fine, currently without any downloads or torrent listed. The second I found out was by opening up Notification Area Icons. I was shocked knowing I had two BitTorrent icon on the listed.That second BitTorrent had one file currently downloading! That undeleted file must be cause by that second BitTorrent! I was unable to open that second BitTorrent except the updated first working BitTorrent with no downloads. I did shut downed my computer more than twice but is still there! Please help me! I tried almost everything to fix that problem but didn't seem to find any solution! P.S: Both BitTorrent are 7.9.3 The icon on the bar one works perfectly fine. But the one on the list is not.