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  1. I REALLY wish there was an easy way to do this on Mac [preferably built into the client itself]. I have seen youtube videos and read tutorials showing a fairly easy way on windows, but nothing for mac. Is there somewhere I can put in a feature request for this ?? An "undo delete" button or function would be amazing in BT. ...................... I've just accidentally deleted a whole bunch of things, and unfortunately, unlike some clients, the torrents were not moved to the trash in their folders, but as individual files !!! ): If the client at least put files in the trash in their original folders and folder structures, it would be easy to manually restore back into the client. Just an absolute impossible nightmare to sort back again !! I don't have the time for that, and I'll probably just have to re-download them instead. [and try to figure out exactly what got deleted.] The "put back" function in the mac trash does not work either when the torrents were deleted through BT. .................. Just because of this lack of feature / the way bittorrent deletes things , I have to return to Vuze for many things ): which I don't really want to do.