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  1. SOrry to hear, I tried everything, even changed my modem settings and nothing works! It just lags so bad. Have you tried this as well? Weird thing is, everything is downloading normally.
  2. Hi everyone! I've been using bittorent for years but I never had any problems. I got a new computer a few days ago and neither bittorent nor utorrent seem to work properly on it. I downloaded bittorent last night and it worked fine, but when I turned it on today it crashed. And it keeps crashing every time I open it. I turned off the firewall for bittorent and Avast doesn't seem to be the causing the issue.It now either crashes completely or looks like in the pictures below. I got a program called intel management and security, bittorrent seems to be working better when I turned it off but it still lags quite a lot. My operating system is Windows 7 Ultimate, 64-bit. PC specs: Screenshots of bittorent: