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  1. Queue help

    Can you hand to help by writing down with phases how to do that?
  2. Queue help

    Why not Harold?
  3. Queue help

    Forced start was good option. I can stop the other queue while forced being downloaded. I asked question, i found solution myself while posting.
  4. Queue help

    When i started download a single torrent, and after i added some torrents to queue, first torrent got queued and other torrent start to download. And the queue settings like this : There is no high priority for each torrents but bandwith allocation which doesn't help me for solution. How i can pursue the first downloading torrent without stopping even adding new queues?
  5. Queued label

    It would be great to create a "Queued" label like "Seeding" or "Completed" or "Active" We can see them separately from other labels that we created
  6. Save labels

    I have a sound issue which it needs to reinstall Windows. But how can i save created labels before reinstalling Windows? Is it just enough to copy Bittorrent folder, resume.dat.old, settings.dat.old to another safe drive til Windows reinstalling?
  7. Queue system

    HOW ABOUT QUEUE SYSTEM WORKS LIKE WINAMP QUEUE SYSTEM? In winamp we can choose to play any song(s) in orderly if we queued it.Does this system works for Bittorrent? For example you have 50 torrents and you start to download a torrent, and then choose to queue other torrent as queued 1,2,3,etc.. And if all torrents were queued in the beginning , when the application started , we can resume them to download single by single. If some torrent seeds are low and speed to slow, we can delete and renew it. Even do this, queue chain will never broken. "Queued 10" will be "queued 9" for example, torrent will come to front one step more. You don't have to queue all torrents if you have so many torrents or labels. Just queue what you wish to download You know, when you queued torrents with regular queue feature, and after closed Bittorent and then restart again , Bittorrent choose your torrent that will download itself, and many times even your torrent are almost to finish , Bittorrent don't choose it , in the contrary choose fresh one! This happens because Bittorrent doesn't have an order queue system. Thats why i'm strongly suggesting this idea.
  8. Torrent File Names

    I am generally downloading torrent files first. But I wonder everytime the torrents' filenames that downloaded. For exampke I download music from When you downloaded a torrent file from here you save the file as : [].tXXXXXXX]. Let's say you have downloaded file via torrent. With deleting torrent file won't go away the rutracker file you have downloaded. And if you don't know filename, it stay here forever. I can't find the filename via Bittorrent options or settings. There are many rutracker file on my disc. What i should do?
  9. Copying Torrent Columns

    Hi i want to copy all whole columns to excel to make a list in case of loss torrents in the future, but i can't copy the name columns. It's empty. What do you think? Screenshot :