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  1. uTorrent Pro 3.13.198 (build 40913) Android 4.4.2 Phone: Asus T00J uTorrent Pro unable to properly write out file size of more than 4.2GB on internal or external memory. The partition format is exFAT for external memory and ext4 for internal memory, they have no problem supporting file size of more than 4.2GB. Any solution to this? Current behavior:1. Download started for torrent containing a file of more than 4.2GB2. When download is almost complete at 99%, the status suddenly became red colored "!" sign. uTorrent has corrupted the download3. When resume, uTorrent re-read the file, restarted download with the file completion around 300MB4. Repeat step 2-3. My current workaround is to stop the download at 99%, move the download to PC and resume from there. This is very inconvenient.