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  1. updating bitorrent to newest version solved the problem I think. Thanks
  2. U mean 7.9.5 build 41373? No i haven't, but if i do, will my torrents remain at their place or they would be deleted? I don't want to lose them. i just find a topic where u say that data will not lost. I'll update and write the results here.
  3. Hello. I have some trouble with seeding files from bittorrent client. It worked well almost 3 days now but today i wanted to download 25gb file. while seeding 24 torrents and bittorrent started to crush in every 5 minutes. I deleted this new torrent but now it crushes again while seeding files. can u guys help me? I thinks there's some problem in settings. I don't know if it's okay here to ask about this but if we can't solve this problem can anyone tell me how to transfer my completed downloads to another torrent client for seeding? I'm using Bittorrent 7.6.1 (build 272221) 32bit.