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  1. . Thanks, but ... what internet security software? I don't have any ( why would I? ). Bittorrent 7.9.5 just sits there, Bittorrent 7.9.2 immediately starts downloading upon installation as it inherits 7.9.5 settings and torrents. Microsoft Windows 7 and 8.1 systems work fine with Bittorrent 7.9.5 in the same LAN-to-router to-Internet system. <munched> lists Microsoft Windows 95 and up. __________ Was it silly of me to ask a second question in one post, to ask for the search to be expanded ( contracted? ) to 1 character so we could search for "windows 7 or 8" without it ignoring "7" and "8" and getting ALL answers for just the word "windows" alone? __________ I could add a 3rd problem -- BITtorrent help refers to Utorrent when I search for system requirements. 4th? It says that Utorrent ( not my inquiry ) UNSPECIFIED VERSION works on XP up. __________ Google is my resource, leading me offsite to wonderful <unsupported, may introduce viruses> ( works for now ), but it would be nice if Bittorrent had it's own, secure, clean archive AND accurate specifications, inventory identification, and control ... and appropriate search for single character products, of which there are many in use in your customer base ( sorry for making your indexing huge, but you could use Google as your search engine -- think of the AdWords revenue and customer tracking possibilities! ). .
  2. . The last version that works on Microsoft Windows XP = BitTorrent 7.9.2 Build 39745 ... v7.9.5 just sits there and never downloads. I got old v7.9.2 from: <munched> It downgrades my already installed but dysfunctional v7.9.5 fine ... ... and inherits all settings ... ... so QUICKLY reset Options > Preferences > General > Automatically install updates ... to UNCHECKED! It would be nice to get v7.9.2 or a later XP-functional version safely HERE. __________ ... and please fix forum search, it requires 4 characters, so a search for "xp" ( or 32 or 64 or 8.1 or 10 ) returns no results, doh! .